About Us

Established for over 30 years, we are a Trutex Licensee selling the best quality uniform including Boys and Girls Trousers, Shirts, Blazers and lots lots more. We have our own in house embroidery and printing service which allows us to offer quick turnarounds on all forms of Schoolwear, Promotional wear, Workwear, and Sportswear.

Trutex celebrates 150 years of manufacturing quality school uniform

This year Trutex celebrates its 150 year anniversary, having been supplying quality school uniform for children spanning six generations, an achievement that proves our formula of design, comfort and value for money is welcomed by schools, parents and pupils.

Established in 1865 as the Clitheroe Shirting Company in Grindelton, deep in the heart of the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, our company has been manufacturing under the Trutex brand since the early 1920’s. Remaining true to our roots, the Trutex dynamic work ethic helps us to constantly drive forward and push the boundaries of school uniform design, production and supply. We are the 1st Carbon Neutral Specialist Schoolwear Supplier, and include innovative fabrics in our range such as our ‘Re-vive’ Eco-Blazer fabric.  

Made to Last Schoolwear…Pass it on!

Trutex school uniform is made to last. Our fabrics endure playground rough and tumble whilst our colours stay true wash after wash. When your children grow out of their uniform, you can pass it on… providing great value for money for parents.

Trutex carefully selects only the best fabrics, and vigorously test them for performance, durability, colour fastness, and comfort. We also put care and attention into our products design and manufacture. We cut the fabric for the best fit, seams are made strong, and finishing touches enhance the garment. Our standards are high and demanding, which means that every garment we produce, meets our stringent check list, and gives you a superior, longer lasting uniform.

Ethical trading at Trutex

Did you know that every time you purchase Trutex school uniform, you are helping to protect the people around the world that make our clothing? Trutex works towards the ‘Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code’, whereby our supplying companies across the globe are required to be audited against a number of principals including working hours and child labour. This helps to ensure employees within supplying factories around the world enjoy excellent working conditions in a clean, safe environment accompanied by a fair income.  

Trutex School Uniforms are put to the challenge

Here at Trutex, we believe in the high quality of our uniforms, but we don’t just want you to take our word for it, so we routinely work with established parent bloggers so that they can test our uniforms and provide honest feedback on its quality and durability.

Here is some of the feedback we have received during the last 12 months.

Mums Net Comments:

“It is a lot thicker than the cheaper brands, and it seems to wash up better as a result. The quality means you are buying once, not multiple times like I find I do when I buy cheaper! If you want uniform that will last the school year, Trutex is the one for you!” (Blogbybaby.com) “There is no bobbling of the fabric despite having been worn almost daily and with constant washing! I’m thrilled with the quality and will definitely look at Trutex before anywhere else for her uniform.” (Meandthekiddywinks.com) “The quality is the BEST and the Garments are lasting longer definitely wash after wash. They look Bright as New. I have been using them for at least 5 weeks now and still not disappointed in anyways. It is highly recommended from Mummy and the Cuties.” (mummyandthecuties.com)

Parent Blogger Comments:

“Trutex has a lovely range of school uniform. Little man’s white polo is made of soft cotton and very comfortable. The trousers look really smart and his red jumper is cosy and very comfortable. Once again, we are delighted with the quality of Trutex uniform, it is made with great quality material which is durable and retain its shape after washing.” (lilinhaangel.com) “I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the products Trutex sent. The sweatshirt and polo shirt didn’t shrink when washed or dried and the trousers were a great fit and also very durable which is something we all need when having young boys who slide along the floor on their knees a lot. A good quality uniform that will last.” (adventuresofayorkshiremum.co.uk) “The trousers are perfect – they washed really well too and are fast drying which in this weather is exactly what you need. I loved the sweatshirt mainly because after washing and drying it was the same size!!! No mater what temp. Next time you are shopping for your chidlren’s school uniform do check out Trutex.” (charliemoos.co.uk)